Burn Elementally Evolved #1 review ´ 104

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  • Burn Elementally Evolved #1
  • T.J. Klune
  • English
  • 10 December 2017
  • 9781613723555

T.J. Klune ¿ 4 review

T.J. Klune ¿ 4 review Burn Elementally Evolved #1 review ´ 104 Set in a world that closely resembles our own Burn is a story of redemption and betrayal of family and sacrifice which leads to the greatest uestion of all how far would you go to save the ones you love Fifteen years ago Felix Paracel killed his mother with fire that shot from his hands Since then he has hidden from forces. Alright excuse me for a moment as I geek out and at several points mention Joss Whedon and cultural references in this review I won t be able to really discuss the plot or use direct uotes much because almost everything would be spoilerishLet me first say that I loved this book People expecting a straightforward science fiction book or a romance won t get that in this book What they will get are elements of adventure horror romance science fiction and an eventual epic journey It s a combination of everything I love and what gets me excited about readingWhile reading Burn I kept getting a sense of nostalgia When I think back to those movies as a child I loved such as ET The Goonies or The Neverending Story random pieces will jar my memory Every time I hear the score to ET I instantly remember the scene where they are pedaling across the moon That s how I felt with this book The imagery at times is so sharp and detailed that I know many moments of this book will come back to me over and over again The roof scene and the moment with the tree are particularly special The author has also posted a novel playlist and while reading certain chapters I would listen and now certain songs will always be a nostalgic trigger for Burn especially Set Fire to the Rain Stories such as this invite you to make the journey along with the charactersI love what this book makes me think and processAs Joss Whedon wrote for Buffy You still don t get it It s not about what s right It s not about what s wrong It s about power This book explores this whole idea of US versus THEM in society The OutsidersDifferent Ones versus the Normals There is the uestion of can someone who is different blend in with the normals for a time even years and go largely unnoticed and be happy Can the different ones have friends and family that love them and support them regardless If you are different are you obligated to feel a sense of loyalty to others like yourself Do you fight for your group as a whole or do you sit back and do nothing These are uestions our main character Felix asks himself in different formats and often doesn t come up with a solid answer Most probably because these uestions are complex and very personal for each individual The author brings in the idea of the government and its control of individuals rights Can and will the government interfere with people based on their differences The results could be deadlyThis doesn t only extend though to the broad idea of THEM or Normals This goes towards your family and your partner If you ve been told its fate that you care for these people and that its written that you must support and love them is that all there is that binds you to them Can you love someone so different from yourself or instantaneously Does everything that has been tied to fate determine one s destiny Welcome home Findo Unum he breathed pushing a hidden button that raised the steel gate It rose slowly inevitably What this book displays is that everything in life is about choices No matter who you ve been told to love or told what your fate is there are choices that a person has to make to choose their path In Felix s case the choices are just extremeTj Klune said it best The choices humans make are like a ripple in a pond They carry from one to another bouncing dancing Colliding And still they go on But you The choices you make are like a tsunami in the ocean Burn Elementally EvolvedThis book also has much suspense and seriously the last 30% I was nervous as hell I don t often get that way with books but I was completely freaked out and waiting for the shoe to drop I thought I had things figured out several times only to be proven I was wrong Like waaaaaaay wrong Make it dark make it grim make it tough but then for the love of God tell a joke Joss WhedonIt s not all suspenseful though There is much humor and adventure and the secondary characters are a blast I cared about all of them and didn t mind when the main characters shared time with them Let me also make a note that I can appreciate how this author writes female characters So often they are over the top or crazy psychos in this genre Whether you like the females in his books or not I can understand their reactions The romance aspect is also rockin Smut heavenI loved it I will reread this with my friends when it becomes available and I will reread this probably several times before the seuel is released Gooooooo read itAnd lastly I leave you with this This was me for a solid 10 minutes when I finished the book Interpret it how you willhttpyoutubeA1Gy1eu 680

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Burn Elementally Evolved #1

T.J. Klune ¿ 4 review Burn Elementally Evolved #1 review ´ 104 Ven the mysterious man who rescued Felix from that horrible fire years ago and then disappeared; Seven who has returned to claim what's rightfully his Felix's heart But even as Felix begins to trust Seven and his feelings about his place in the world the darkness reveals itself bringing conseuences no one could have predict. I wont be able to read this because the writing would drive me insane Long flash backs and extreme repetitiveness just being some of the issues Sometimes a lot of the time less is so show a story instead of rambling through pointless and wordy details trying to tell one image error

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T.J. Klune ¿ 4 review Burn Elementally Evolved #1 review ´ 104 Bent on exploiting him and his fire and wind Elemental abilities But Felix's world is about to change because he is Findo Unum the Split One and his coming has been foretold for generations Though Felix's arrival brings great joy to the Elemental world it also heralds a coming darkness No one knows this better than Seven Se. 2018 TJ has confirmed that there will be no seuel to this storyhe just doesn t have the time and it didn t sell as well as others he s written To say I was gutted when I heard the news was a HUGE understatement HELLS BELLS TJ I m very upsetYou ve broken my heart Why did you do that to SevenHe s waited 16 years for his destinyHe is luratum Cor to the Findo UnumAnd you ve gone and split them up againCruel cruel man You ve also made Tock a traitorI m really pissed offNero Kammy I could understand but not Tock What will Tick dobe TICKED OFF I assumeI loved this book it was wonderfulFelix Paracel needs to grow a pairAnd get his lover back PDOh and we need another book