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  • Paperback
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  • Bangkok Days
  • Lawrence Osborne
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  • 19 March 2019
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Read Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Lawrence Osborne Bangkok Days Free download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Tourists come to Bangkok for many reasons a night of love a stay in a luxury hotel or simply to disappear for a while Lawrence Osborne comes for the cheap dentistry and then stays when he finds he can live off just a fe. This is the second book I ve read recently where one s impression may be swayed by gender Having never been a woman I m not sure but I think that Osborne s descriptions of the largely male characters in his Bangkok expat life might not seem so balanced They do lead a rather Peter Pan existence which he does a great job at depicting Before reading the book I was aware that Thailand is known for where western men go for mid life crisesHe excels at making Bangkok a character in its own right including experiences with a local priest and nun I visited once twenty years ago now please pass the Geritol but have spent enough time in the tropics to find the descriptions familiar Residents of western cities certainly possess biases against other areas neighborhoods but Osborne highlights that fact that one can be just plain unaware of whole sections of this city As a travel narrative the book works wellSo would I recommend it Yes as one expat s view of the city definitely not as some sort of authority on this is how it is He writes well and you won t likely be bored

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Bangkok Days

Read Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Lawrence Osborne Bangkok Days Free download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ook Bangkok Days explores both the little known extraordinary city and the lives of a handful of doomed ex patriates living there 'as vivid a set of liars and losers as was ever invented by Graham Greene' New York Times. Lonely middle aged white man writes about lonely middle aged white men in Bangkok That s a real perspective and there s some good phrasing and a few fun stories but in the end it s too limited to be very interesting

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Read Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Lawrence Osborne Bangkok Days Free download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook W dollars a dayOsborne's Bangkok is a vibrant instinctual city full of contradictions He wanders the streets dining on insects trawling through forgotten neighbourhoods decayed temples and sleazy barsFar than a travel b. Readers of this book should take note of these words in chapter 4 memoirs are rarely empirical in nature They are statements of purpose descriptions of life as the writer WOULD LIKE IT TO BE His emphasis but the faultless memoir doesn t exist indeed it s a lame moralistic fantasy James Frey couldn t have put it better That Osborne isn t concerned with facts or accuracy shows in his writing The book is loaded with mistranslations transliteration errors inaccuracies and bald faced liesSome of the mistakes are minor and could be just typos The word for 51 is spelled haa sip ek when it should be haa sip et Rot din gern for traffic jam should be rot dit gern He says he was in room 7036 which would put him on the 70th floor of a hospital with only 12 floorsIf you re trying to impress your readers with your foreign language skills you should at least get the right wordHe says maeng da are insects The word he s looking for is malaeng A maeng da is a water beetleSacred tattoos are called roi sak in the book which just means tattoo Sacred tattoos are called sak yantaHe writes that Amarin means angel Wrong again It means the god IndraHe claims nobody knows the meaning of Kluay Nam Thai He guesses banana forest It s the name of a variety of bananaA couple of times he makes reference to the northern girls of Issan which makes about as much sense as saying the midwestern girls of New EnglandHe does include lots of interesting trivia thoughSukhumvit s the longest road in the worldBangkok s the hottest city in the world with average temps of 40 degrees celsiusThe British make up the largest group of foreigners in BangkokThe Thai national anthem was composed by the King The above trivia would be even interesting if any of it were true He tells us that guaytio nam is Thailand s national dish which you ll never find in a Thai restaurant Both the name and the dish itself are from China and it s sold in restaurants throughout the city Apparently Osborne forgot he d told us that he was being served guaytio in the no hands restaurantWhen I read the first chapter I thought the book showed promise I thought it would follow the struggles of a lonely farang on the down and out He certainly sounds like he s broke He has to make less than 500 baht last five days He s so desperate he steals money from a middle aged Japanese woman But after that nothing adds up He never mentions work but when he gets sick he goes to one of the most expensive hospitals in town This brings you to the most ridiculous chapter in the book Despite having a life threatening illness he goes downstairs to a bar and is served alcohol His roommate lights up a cigarette His friend suggests a trip to Nana Plaza which they make with their IVs still in their armsThis book makes The Hangover Part II look like a documentary