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characters The Covert Captain review The Covert Captain 100 download ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Jeannelle M. Ferreira Nathaniel Fleming veteran of Waterloo falls in love with his Major's spinster sister Harriet But Nathaniel is not what he seems and before the wedding the truth will out Eleanor Charlotte Fleming forgotten daughter of a minor baronet stakes her life on a deception and makes her n. InterestingI love hidden gender books and I don t even mind when they are historic in nature I came upon this one while clicking on books and looking what others have purchased along with it I won t lie as much as I wanted to love this book I found myself lost and half the time trying to figure out the dialogue The other half of the time I was trying to figure out scene changes and what was going on While I did get better at the I read it was very frustrating Also it was increasingly confusing how Nathaniel would easily become Noraafter being Nathaniel for so long and since it would be safer to stay Nathaniel this baffled me how easily Nora s name kept being mentionedand jumping back and forthshe he Nathaniel NoraIt was free on kindleUnlimited I can t say I loved it or that I even liked it I can say I didn t hate it I just couldn t follow it enough to like it 25

characters The Covert Captain

The Covert Captain

characters The Covert Captain review The Covert Captain 100 download ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Jeannelle M. Ferreira E for the cut of her gowns and is really rather clever Falling in love is not a turn of the cards either of them expected Harriet accepts Captain Fleming but will she accept Eleanor Along the way there are ballrooms stillrooms mollyhouses society intrigue and sundering circumstan. I ve long had a peculiar love for Regency romances ask me about my complete collection of Georgette Heyer Every time I ve gotten wind of a Regency featuring a romance between women I ve done my best to track it down Some have been very enjoyable some have been adeuate some have been disappointing But I now have a reigning favorite in this admittedly small genre Jeannelle M Ferreira s The Covert Captain Or a Marriage of Euals Captain Nathaniel Fleming once Eleanor has returned from the Napoleonic wars shaken and emotionally damaged a state she shares with her comrade and commanding officer Major Sherbourne What she has never shared is the secret of her true gender Fleming has long known her attraction to women but when the woman in uestion is Major Sherbourne s spinster sister there are some hard decisions to make and even harder conseuences to deal withThe Covert Captain has a strong command of its historic era including how the varieties of sexual orientation were understood and treated at the time The writing is rich immersive and solid But where the book truly caught my heart is in the complex layerings of the plot This isn t a simple straightforward girl meets girl disguised as boy story The experiences of Captain Flemming and Major Sherbourne during the war are detailed through flashbacks in a realistic and incisive way that roots the motivations and reflexes of the characters and provides one set of both obstacles and resolutions to the romance There are multiple hazards to Captain Flemming s decision to reach for love not simply Harriet s reaction to the somewhat belated disclosure of her secret And Harriet has secrets of her own to unravelI loved how their relationship progressed from shy friendship to dawning desire to misunderstanding to commitment and beyond it to a devotion that out lasted all barriers There is plenty of time for the reader to believe in their attraction and to watch them struggle past all the social and economic realities of the setting I also enjoyed how the text gave us just the lightest taste of their erotic relationship without taking detours for extended sex scenes that would have felt out of place in this genreI m trying very hard here to come up with logical and dispassionate explanations for why I love this book but when it comes down to it I have fallen deeply madly passionately in love with the story in a way that I would never consider believable if that love were between two fictional characters on the page I ve grown too used to being patient either with lackluster writing or with an absense of ueer characters or with genres I m not really into in order to get two out of three in my reading The Covert Captain does not reuire me to make any compromises in my love That s a rare thing but I dream of it becoming ordinary

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characters The Covert Captain review The Covert Captain 100 download ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Jeannelle M. Ferreira Ame if not her fortune on the battlefield Her war at an end she returns to England as Captain Nathaniel Fleming and wants nothing than peace uiet and the company of horses Instead Captain Fleming meets Harriet Harriet has averted the calamity of matrimony for a decade cares littl. A good uality ff regency romance is as rare as hens teeth And when author Heather Jones of Alpennia fame gives a 5 star endorsement you do not saunter but run to to get yourself a copy The Covert Captain Or A Marriage of Euals was a pure delight and as authentic in prose and sensibility as you can get Author Jeannelle M Ferreira flexes her academic prowess in the best way and the result is to drool over If you love Regency that isIf you want to listen to Jeannelle M Ferreira talk about the book and in the Lesbian Historic Motive podcast here s the link pure Regency if you don t like period speech don t read it I absolutely loved Captain Nathaniel Eleanor Fleming and Lady Harriet5 stars