Summary ✓ Un altro mare

  • Paperback
  • 112
  • Un altro mare
  • Claudio Magris
  • English
  • 18 March 2019
  • 9781860460524

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Download Un altro mare Summary ✓ Un altro mare Ico ostensibly one of Life's failures Claudio Magris paints a remarkably shrewd and observant picture of a whole world in ferment that of the decaying Austro Hungarian empire shaken to its foundations by the Great War and emerging from the German occupation and the Communist revolution ripe for disintegration and forever seeking as does Enrico for a reason to go on living. A short but very intense novel that is about what happens when an individual takes a philosophy of renunciation to heart and then to its logical extreme Enrico is a young intellectu

Download Un altro mare

Un altro mare

Download Un altro mare Summary ✓ Un altro mare Early this century Enrico a young intellectual leaves the abundantly diverse Austro Hungarian city of Gorizia with its mixed population and culture to spend several years living on the Patagonian pampas alone with his ancient Greek texts his flocks and every now and then a woman He has been taught by his closest friend Carlo a philosopherpoet who commits suicide in his ea.

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Download Un altro mare Summary ✓ Un altro mare Rly twenties to search for an authentic life free of social falsehoods But in his search for this unattainable goal Enrico destroys every chance he has of a normal existence; even after his return to live a life of ever increasing isolation by the Istrian seashore his attempts at human intercourse at meaningful love are thwarted In recounting the life and character of Enr. TEORIA Prendi un soggetto molto interessante Sposta lo sguardo della tua visione ad un oggetto vicino meno interessante Narra l oggetto vicino senza mai dimenticare che volevi parla